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Whatever it will be


2/12/06 07:42 pm - Mary Sue Song

Release von meinem Song "Mary Sue" bei löschdich, mal schaun wie die Leute darauf reagieren.*どきどき*

11/29/05 04:31 pm - Done for days

I finished the translation of Farewell, took about 1,5 hours of which just one just two phrases took me more than 40 minutes to figure out, the rest only was a walk in the park compared to this. I'm talking about the first and the last line. (wow! great combo huh)
The translation is beta and still english only so if you have any ideas just tell me! Maybe you come up with some better expressions...
Anyways I'll go into details in the translation note I'll be posting when it's no longer beta.
Gotta say Gacktは 月のことが好きんだと思う。歌詞に月画入ってない歌がはっまのすくない。。。あらへんと思うで。。。調べとくで。

check out the beta

11/25/05 01:44 am - Finally!!!

やったー。I finally have ISDN and the tears in my eyes arouse something lyrical in me

Gone the days of waiting,
gone the days of cursing,
speed at last for my tortured soul
for I have come back to acceptable speed.

so beware for thee shall notice my presence once again
rising from the depth of 56ks


I decided to go for translating the lyrics of the new Gackt Album "DIABOLOS". There are two reasons:

1.There are few translations out that satisfy me, there are great translators out there, BUT some of them just stopped translating and
also since I haven't found decent German ones, I want to provide English and German translations, that don't sound so goofy like most do. I realize it's hard to make German translations not sound funny,
but I'm up for the challenge! I notice my English may suck, too but, hey there is also a second reason:

2. The main reason is: I want to improve my skills in japanese while actually having fun!

So beware I'll be back for the bad.
Also I'm willing to translate things that HAVEN'T been translated properly up to now.
So If you find something that you would like to have translated, I'm open to suggestions. the big BUT's

1.If I'm too busy, I'm too busy, So don't bug me everyday with "Are you done yet" messages. It's allright to ask, but normally I can't tell me schedule 3 months in advance

2.If it contents marterial that I find A. offensive (unlikely but, yes there is stuff I actually don't want to translate)
B. Bores me or has been translated sufficiently, I can rephrase and do some tuning if a translation is still rough as long as there are well done translations available.

I hate snow...when I have to drive...
Anyways wohooooo

11/1/05 10:57 pm - Boredom and its' results

I'm bored, dunno what to do. Thus many strange things enter my head and activities that are quite senseless suddenly seem so amazing..

Maybe this is the reason why I'm writing here now.
All the same I'm searching for a way to byu J-os for my Palm so I can use japanese input on it. But if you're not blessed with a credit card, it suddenly seems more diffrent than I actually though.
Anyways sucks not having a creditcard. I really should clean up here..can't find anything.
Well the day is still young

10/21/05 03:06 am - マカロニの音ってなんなん!?!

I just got the nicest birthday present from my beloved ノン。
Too bad it's hard to describe ^^ piano - audio - message probably hits it..I loaded up a small part of it(music only) 一青窈の
望春風 (môshunfû by Hitoto Yô')

Hitoto is a most remarkable artist who, whatever she does, seems to touch me in a strange way, even if she makes up the strangest lyrics, which make you wonder for example what "the sound of makkaroni" is supposed to sound like
And for instance、 what this sound has to do with: a cushion that's sliding away, while looking at the flowing hair of your sleeping darling and then stating that, because even toothbrushing takes more time for girls, she has to get up but - and here she twists the lyrics from strange to somewhat sweet/cute - it's ok for "you, my little darling" to sleep on "goodnight" Guess it's the melodies that make you love the songs and it's always fun listening to her lyrics searching for whatever might be there. Guess that's what really makes her an artist.
It's not like it is most of the time, like:

- "hey i hate this song, this band sucks"
- "What? Hm, well the music isn't that good...but the lyrics are great..he tells a story you have to listen to every word..it's a
long story...isn't this great?"
- "No it's not, like I really cared and listened to what he's singing ALL the time, especially when the song doesn't even sound good!
I wanna hear good music, not be told a story!What's most important is the music itself!!"

In Hitoto's songs case it would rather be like
- "I love this song"
- "Hm you're right it's a good composition and the melody is great and cachy, I love it as well,....but....say, you got any idea what
exactly she's singing about?"
- "hmmmmmmm....Nope...None...lets find out...but first lets listen to it again cause it's a great song"

I really wonder what the sound of those italian pipe-noodles would be..or what they mean..maybe I should ask her this question directly. I'll keep you informed on this.


10/20/05 12:33 am - Internet is Serious business?!?!

Just watched Saw, nice movie I must say, refreshingly unpredictible..Anyways, the reason why I write today:

Is the Internet really a serious business? Find out for yourselves...Katsu if you haven't seen this yet you'll love it.


もう眠い...寝たい、長崎のーはー~長崎ーいい~~の 野鐘がな~~る。お休み

10/17/05 01:25 am - 大学えらいこっちゃ

I hate to admit it but sometimes I hate to be a student.

Especially at times when I have more important things in my mind than worrying about which Japanese course I should take...the required one...or the one I won't be bored to death in..and think I'll have to talk to the Teachers again.....

anyways "
You brought me in but can you take me back agaaaaaaaain
With your hand held high and you scarlet light you came down to me from the open skies
It's either real or is a dream there nothing there is in between
I only ment to stay a while
I gave you time to steal my mind

I love this song, bring me up even when I'm down.ohoho gotta sleep お休み

10/16/05 12:57 pm - Gotta clean up

Just got up after 3 hours of reading in bed...but now I'm hungry and I gotta clean up...guess I both hate and love chaos...right now I rather hate it.Well anyways..maybe I should start cleaing up instead of whining like a sissy.

10/15/05 10:37 pm - First One

Ok, so I got this friend who talked me into this.

You know the kind of friend who "shows" or "suggests" interesting things to you. Like "Hey you gotta try and do this and that" or "Hey you gotta see this movie/anime/series/game/musical or whatever strange thing she comes up with" and you are just too weak of mind or perhaps her aura is one of those special ones that can change your point of view.

Even if common sense tells you "oh come on this is useless crap, you won't earn shit from this in normal life" somewhere in the back of your mind another, stronger voices goes "Hey this sounds like fun, come on lets try it, do you really think something like a normal life exists? Have you ever had so much as a normal day??? Guess not! So, go have some fun, you always fall for the "crap" she introduces to you anyway. Why not give it a try?" and so I'm ..bond to oblige.

To make a long story short. She said "You gotta make a Livejournal" and here I am for my first post ever ###Tadaaaaa###
This is just for fun up to now...but maybe I'll come up with some strange ideas...always had lots of them.

どうなるか知らんわ。読めるなら「君の日本語、おかしいよー」って言いたい人に:理由があるで、まずドイツ人だ、その上に彼女は京都の人や。だから俺の日本語は当てへんかも... ここ、漢字、読めるかなー 

Anyways think this'll be all for now
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